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Our Company has mainly specialized, over the past few years, in providing service to leading institutions in the market, such as the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Defense Force, the Prisons Services and the Israel Police, catering companies, religious seminaries and retirement homes.

Over the past 20 years during which we provided services, in the majority of cases for all the equipment in these institutions (electricity and LPG gas operated), we have accumulated a great deal of experience in providing service for all of the equipment and all the manufacturers operating in the market.

Our company employs 14 service technicians, some of whom have over 30 years of experience in the field. Six of them are qualified electricians and one of them is qualified, in addition, as an LPG gas technician. The other four are mechanics, who deal mainly in the renovation of equipment at our workshop.

Our Company is certified for the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and conducts all its activities by means of an ERP program that assists us in providing effective service to all our customers on the one hand and, on the other hand, allows our customers to receive an up to date and reliable report regarding the service provided to all the equipment in their possession, in real time.

The provision of service to institutional kitchen equipment entails great responsibility and calls for considerable gearing up on the part of the service provider, such that the service provider must undertake, in addition to service provided at a reasonable price, that the down time of the equipment will be as short as possible. As is well known, the indirect damage, (the down time of the equipment), is – in the majority of cases – far more expensive than the direct damage (the cost of the repair).
Ten Years ago we have started to sale high hand kitchen equipment.

SHITSU Ltd. will continue to manage and implement new projects and SHAALAT will concentrate on providing services to institutions.

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